"Next Meeting" Planning Committee Meeting: May 4, 2008

"Anarchism 101" Workshop Problems

  • activists uncomfortable with theoretical discussions
  • the few misrepresenting the many
  • participation from the group

Workshop Ideas

  • Panel presentation
  • Use points of unity as a guide
  • Facilitated discussion with audience
  • Steer away from ideology, theory
  • Discuss anarchist organizing
    • Tie into the principles of conference
    • Focus on ways anarchists can help in specific scenarios

Next Meeting

  • Soccer?
  • Flyer?
    • Information for conference?
    • Design
  • Facilitator?
  • Agenda (1 1/2 hour mtg time)
    • Fundraising (dues, event-based fundraisers, university funding)
    • Use of Funds (where do we keep it? used for newspaper, legal fund, etc??)
    • (If time) local organizing/ collectives

Action Items

  • email group about meeting
  • proposal
  • volunteers to help develop materials?
  • Decision on proceeding with worksop
    • send email to group
    • need decision by May 18
    • If proceeding with workshop, another meeting will be scheduled
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