What Do You Want From Vaf

Below are the key points that we voiced during the "What do you want from the VAF?" portion of the 26 January 2008 meeting in Richmond.

  • More communication
  • Everyone be friends
    • With each other
    • With our community
  • Comprehensive calendar of events
  • Flexible groups - able to meet state-wide needs
  • People United Tour
  • Virtual infoshop
  • Smash the State
  • Support of allies
  • Propaganda sharing
  • Legal aide
  • Sustainable activism
    • fight informal leadership
  • Mutual respect
  • Newspaper
  • Funds/fund raising
  • Education/trainers/workshops
  • Strengthen and empower the anarchist movement
    • Build power
  • media contacts or media/public relations
  • network/collective building
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