Points of Unity


Points of Unity (POU)
Topics or points upon which we all can agree and wish to work together on. Instead of finding points of disagreement and bickering over details about ideologies and political theories, we've decided that it is best to find what we have in common, and what we can work together on.

At the January '08 meeting in Richmond, the points of unity were generally agreed upon, and further refined in the February meeting in Fredericksburg. There is still a planned discussion for points of unity at the next meeting in April, specifically dealing with the item dealing with Indigenous Peoples.

Points of Unity

  • Supportive of community self determination and management over all aspects of social and economic life without the impedance of local, state, or federal governments.
  • Work for a sustainable relationship with nature.
  • Supportive of the right to both individual and communal self-defense.
  • Supportive of mutual aid to individuals and communities in need.
  • Supportive of a diversity of tactics.
  • Supportive of participatory direct-democracy.
  • Supportive of a basic respect for all individuals.
  • Supportive of worker self-management in the workplace.
  • Supportive of the creation of a stateless society.
  • Supportive of indigenous peoples in their struggles against oppression.
  • Against authoritarian power structures and all forms of oppression and discrimination.
  • Opposed to the current criminal "justice" system.
  • Opposed to a culture of militarism.
  • Opposed to the exploitation of any person's labor by another.
  • Opposed to imperialism and the divisive use of race and nationality.

Puntos de Unidad

  • Autodeterminacion comunitaria y autogestion sobre todos los aspetos de la vida social y economica sin que los gobiernos locales, estatales, y federales, impidan
  • Trabajar para una relacion sustenible con la naturaleza
  • Apoyar el derecho de la autodefensa individual y comunitaria
  • Apoyar la ayuda mutua para individuos y comunidades que la necesitan
  • Apoyar una diversidad de tacticas
  • Apoyar la democracia directa y participativa
  • Apoyar un respeto basico para todos los individuos
  • Apoyar la autogestion de los trabajadores en sus trabajos
  • Apoyar la creacion de una sociedad sin estado
  • Apoyar todos los pueblos indigenas en sus luchas en contra de la opresion.
  • En contra de todas las estructuras autoritarias de poder y todas las formas de opresion y discriminacion
  • En contra del sistema de justicia criminal que hoy existe
  • En contra de una cultura del militarismo
  • En contra de la explotacion de labor de cualquier persona por cualquier otra persona
  • En contra del imperialismo y el uso divisivo de raza y la nacionalidad
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