Minutes 4 19 2008

Minutes from VAF Meeting in Richmond


  1. Committee reportbacks
  2. New folks report
  3. Points of Unity (POU), discussion of anarchism for newer folks
  4. Goals- "What do we want to DO?"
  5. Planning next meeting
  6. Coming-Up Events

100% consensus for this meeting

1. Newspaper reportback:

  • Next paper will focus on immigrant rights struggles/ border issues
  • probably will do a smaller printing to save on cost- there were lots of papers leftover from the last printing
  • funds needed: 200-300 dollars
  • putting out a paper is a good way to refine our political discourse
  • possibly can use the website to build content
  • committee is organizing to get this printed ASAP, at least by June 28th

Immigrant Solidarity Work reportback:

  • Endorsed the Virginia Immigrant People's Coalition (VIPC) which created some dialogue about anarchism within their group
  • In the future they are working to set up a rights hotline that they may want support for

2. New folks report:
Folks new to the group expressed their desire to do tangible work on issues that frustrate us/ negatively affect different communities/ aid communities in struggle

3. The POU were read and some folks threw out general definitions of anarchism, we also cited a few examples of anarchism in our work:

  • Tent City to protest local anti-poor policies
  • Consent Workshops
  • Personal Conversations with folks
  • IMF/ World Bank convergence

POU discussion of human vs. non-human oppression
After discussing this in the group represented at this meeting, no proposal was made to modify the POU- people expressed that they were comfortable with the flexibility allowed in the current wording

4. What do we want to DO?

  • newspaper
  • more committee work (ie propaganda, immigrant justice)
  • ally work (ie immigrant rights hotline)
  • offer to support different Virginia struggles/ bridge the geographic gap between different groups
  • pool resources (ie have a speaker tour across Virginia)
  • use the web as a better networking tool
  • support actions/ events/ tours
  • skillshares- legal aid, medics, etc
  • funds- legal defense, etc.
  • form relationships with allies like lawyers
  • coordinated state actions
  • socializing, festivals,
  • figure out how to represent ourselves as a federation

The most urgent projects are :

  • supporting the immigrant work through our ally work with the VIP Coalition
  • organizing for our next meeting, which includes putting out the newspaper and possibly developing brochures or other VAF propaganda

We also want to be discussing at the next few meetings:

  • funding/ fundraising models (dues, fundraisers, paid speaking engagements at universities, etc.)
  • diversity within our federation, outreach to folks from different economic, ethnic, etc. backgrounds, ally work with groups representing different communities

5. Planning of next meeting was designated to a meeting planning committee (representing different areas of Virginia). It will be:

Saturday, June 28th @ the People United Gathering in Louisa County

At the conference we plan on having an Anarchism 101 Workshop for folks newer to anarchism, and also a VAF meeting. We are looking into making this meeting bilingual using translation equipment so that Spanish speakers may attend. More updates will come from the planning committee in the near future.

6. Upcoming Events will be emailed to the listserve

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