Minutes 26 Jan '08


1/26/08 VAF Minutes (by Jen)

1. presentation of guidelines for the meeting; presentation about oppression, privilege, tokenizing, respect in mtg. context

2. group consensus to use the following model of consensus for group decisions:
a. proposal made
b. amendments
..friendly= part of the proposal
..unfriendly= must be considered separately
c. statements for
d. statements against
e. test for consensus
f. we CAN revisit decisions already consensed upon

3. group consensus the blocks to consensus must be "constructive"- concrete criticisms and/or alternate proposal

4. revisited positive outcomes to last meeting:
a. est. vaf.wikidot.com as an interactive website for the group
b. some committees were est., although did not function completely
..coordinating working group
..propaganda working group
c. est. Virginia Anarchist Federation

5. group discussion- "What do you want from VAF?"
more communication
friends/ community of support
calendar of events
coordinating work w/ similar groups/ issues
coordinated response actions/ "quick response"
direct actions
smash the state
propaganda sharing
mutual aid
more sustainable organizing
burnout prevention
continue newspaper
funds for projects
demonstrate that an anarchist org. can work to non-anarchists
outreach/ media outreach
flexible group- addresses differing regional needs
"virtual" support
defensive support for other communities/ organizations
mutual respect
legal aid (some group debate occurred about this)

6. group discussion "concrete goals?"
"PR" general info about anarchist to promote a better understanding
agitation of businesses to separate business from government
communication/ community
increase visibility
build coordinated tactics
better coordination in general
develop "active regions" support this regional organization
work positively FOR things
personal support
solidarity w/ communities in struggle
expand membership and involvement to new areas

7. group discussion "Points of Unity (POU)"
sentiment that POU should be framed with positive language when possible
POU defined as broad points of agreement
the groups that previously develop potential POUs presented this and answered
any clarifying questions that were expressed
the group agreed to work off of the Richmond Mtg's model with the
understanding that we could add or subtract ideas
group also agreed that at this meeting we would be passing each individual
POU with consensus (if possible) as a general idea. the exact wording of
each POU will be further discussed and decided on at the next VAF meeting

8. "Points of Unity


• Support community's self determination and management over all aspects of social and economic life without the existence of local, state, or federal gov't
• Are against hierarchical power structures and all forms of oppression
• Work for a sustainable relationship with nature
• Support of the right to both individual and community self-defense
• Support mutual aid to individuals and communities in need
• Support of a diversity of tactics
• Support of participatory direct-democracy
• Support of a basic respect for all individuals
• Oppose to the current criminal "justice" system
• Oppose to a culture of militarism
• Oppose to the exploitation of any person's labor by another
• Oppose to imperialism and its divisive use of race and nationality
• Support of worker self-management
• Support the creation of a stateless society
• Support the struggles of all indigenous peoples"

NOTE: There was a lot of important discussion regarding many of these points and the ideas that we represent. I did not include this in my note-taking. Further discussion was expected to include tweaking wordings, discussion of whether a list of different types of oppression should be included within the first POU, etc.

9. group discussion- "next steps"
use discussion board more (vaf.wikidot.com)
more organizing within regional groups
planning for next mtg- committees were forming to address these needs.

NEXT MTG.: February 23, hosted by Fredericksburg/ University of Mary Washington folks.

10. group discussion- agenda items for the next mtg.
finalize POU
structure of the group
plan campaigns/ actions
possible mission statement if we feel that this is necessary for VAF

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