Archived Points Of Unity Proposals

These are the proposals that were made between the VAF conferences in november '07 and January '08. They contributed to the most recent Points of Unity.

The Harrisonburg Proposal

  • Community’s self determination and management over all aspects of social and economic life without the existence of local, state or federal governments
  • Creating a truly sustainable relationship with nature
  • Supportive of the right to self defense and acting in solidarity with one’s community
  • Providing support and mutual aid to communities in need
  • Opposed to all forms of class rule and the exploitation of one person’s labor by another
  • Anti-Patriarchal: fighting all forms of sexual oppression
  • Supportive of the determination of all ethnicities and nationalities
  • Specifically opposed to the current system of white supremacy, national oppression and imperialism
  • Actively working to achieve all of these goals using a diversity of tactics

The Occoneechee Collective Proposal

  • Communal self-determination
  • Sustainable relationships to nature and the indigenous world
  • Social order via liberty and freedom.
  • Liberated work and freedom based wealth creation
  • Personal, community and tribal control and self-management over all aspects of social and economic life for all people.
  • Natural masculine/feminine balance in social systems.
  • Communal, Tribal, Anarchist and Indigenous
  • Self-determination, liberty and empowerment of people of all ethnicities, races, nationalities, religions and sexual orientations.
  • Respect for ancestors

Scott Rittenhouse's Proposal

  • Against Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia
  • Against police abuse, surveillance, and the criminalization of youths
  • Anti-militarist, anti-imperialist, anti-war
  • For worker self-management of workplace and community (question authority: distrust politicians and bureaucrats)
  • Anti-authoritarian, democratic and support for Do-It-Yourself projects ("Autogestion"=self-gestation)
  • Anti capitalist and supportive of counter-economics projects like food not bombs and intentional communities
  • Direct action rather than electioneering
  • Mutual aid between members and collectives in support of on-going projects
  • Working class solidarity for workers' rights (in an anti-worker state), against gentrification, and in favor of self-education to overcome public school indoctrination
  • Against terrorism, fascism, and pacifism
  • In favor of ecological sustainability

UMW Proposal

As a diverse federation, we must actively respect one another and concentrate on what unifies us as an organization:

  • We believe in a stateless society
  • We believe that the only truly free society is one in which no individual is silenced by the will of the greater whole
  • We believe that fighting every form of oppression is a worthwhile cause including (but not limited to):
    • Mistreatment of Workers
    • Gender, Sex, and Sexual Inequality
    • Racial Inequality
    • State Capitalism
    • State Jurisprudence
    • War and the Military-Industrial Complex
    • Trade Union Intimidation
    • Immigrant Marginalization
  • We believe in the autonomy of the individual
  • We believe that representative and federalized authority is inherently flawed
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